Coconut Oil Uses – Coconut Oil Beauty Tips

We use coconut oil for just about everything it has amazing benefits for your health and beauty and We just think it’s a wonderful oil to have. So today we are going to share ten ways that you can add coconut oil into your beauty routine.

1. Hair Mask

If you’re looking for the best hair masque to repair damaged hair coconut oil. All you need it has deep conditioning benefits that will help to repair the hair and add shine. We had like to start at the ends and then work my way up and the say this into my scalp this will help stimulate hair growth. Since coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal. This is really great for people with dandruff or dry itchy scalps leave it in for about an hour and then shampoo your hair like you normally do.

2. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is the holistic way of taking care of your teeth and your health simply take one tablespoon of coconut oil and swish this in your mouth first thing in the morning. Since coconut oil is antibacterial it helps to get rid of any germs in your mouth and it freshens up your breath. So helps to whiten the teeth over time and you want to do this for 20 minutes. So We like to do this while we are getting ready for my day and be sure to spit this out in the trash.

3. Deodorant

So you don’t clog your sink coconut oil helps to protect against odor-causing bacteria. This is why it makes such a great deodorant rather small amount onto each underarm and the skin will quickly absorb it. It won’t leave you with a greasy feeling you. So make your own deodorant using just a few more ingredients and We have an entire post on that.  We will leave a link to that in the description box coconut oil.

4. Shaving cream

Serves as an amazing shaving cream just lather. Some onto your skin and shave like you normally do the oil allows the razor to get a closer shave. It helps it glide really easily it’ll leave your legs feeling super smooth.

5. Body scrubs

Our favorite kind of body scrubs are the ones. We make at home and you can mix equal parts of coconut oil and sugar for an amazing scrub. It will not only exfoliate and get rid of any dead skin cells but the oil will leave your skin feeling extremely. Soft coconut oil contains all the nutrients you need for strong healthy nails it.

6. Cuticle Cream

Helps to heal and strengthen your cuticles massage the oil onto your nails and cuticles every night for best results, of course, coconut oil is known for its moisturizing properties.

7. Lip Balm

You can use it as a lip balm for dry or chapped lips take. Some with you on the go in a little container and apply it to your lips at any time of the day.

8. Makeup Remover

One of the best ways to remove your makeup is by using oil. We like to do is apply it directly to my skin and then take a cotton pad and wipe everything off this gets rid of any eye shadow mascara foundation lipstick everything and it leaves your skin feeling clean and hydrated. So like We always say Beauty starts from within taking coconut oil internally has many health benefits it helps to speed up your metabolism and gives you a quick boost of energy it. So has lots of antioxidants and protein to keep the skin looking healthy and rejuvenated and there are many ways that you can add this into your diet.

9. Eat it

You can eat it alone add it to your yogurt or smoothies or use it for baking and cooking my go-to natural moisturizer without a doubt is coconut oil.

10. Moisturizer

We use it as a face moisturizer. We just take a small amount and rub this all over my skin. So use it as a body lotion and anytime my hands feel dry. We feel like it’s the best way to nourish and hydrate the skin naturally. So as you can see coconut oil is a beauty must-have that’s why We always have. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite way of using coconut oil. So let me know what other posts you would like to see next bye guys it’s by the brand is age. We are not sure because we have never really heard of this bad before but the packaging is really nice. It’s really sleek and looks like it’s real.