Proven Health Benefits of Strawberry

12 Proven Health Benefits of Strawberry. Strawberry is a wonderful fruit. Which is very delicious in taste and liked by almost all the people. It is also very well for your health. As it is a rich source of nutrients Which are found to keep you healthy. if you really want to know the best benefits of strawberries on your healthy.

1.  Digestive System Healthy

Strawberries contain a good amount of fiber. Which is a very beneficial nutrient for the body. It helps in keeping away constipation and keeps the digestive system healthy. It is essential to consume it. In a high amount to see the positive effects, not health to protect the body against cancer the presence of vitamin C.

2. Powerful antioxidant

Powerful antioxidants in strawberries help in keeping healthy by protecting the body from cancer. So consume healthy foods like strawberries to keep at bay this disease.

3. Makes the Bone Healthy

The presence of manganese for Tasya and vitamin K in strawberries are very good for the bones. It helps in keeping the bones structure intact you have to consume it on regularly. If you really want strong and healthy bones.

4.  Good For the Heart

Strawberries are really good for the heart. As it helps in regulating the blood pressure. Decreases the tendency for blood clotting. It helps in reducing the inflammatory process in the body and protects the heart.

5. Good for the Eyes

Strawberries are very good for the ice as it contains vitamin C. Which helps in reducing the risk of cataracts. Which create a cloud over the lens. It also helps in protecting the ice from harmful rays of the Sun. So helps in keeping the eyes healthy.

6. Boosts the Immune System

Strawberries helped in boosting the immune system. Which is really important for a healthy body as it helps in fighting against diseases like cough fever cold and many more. Consuming the bowl of strawberries daily is enough for this benefit.

7.Good for the Hair

Strawberries are very good for the hair. As it helps in making the hair soft and silky. It also helps in moisturizing the hair and removing dandruff. These positive effects are because of powerful antioxidants in it.

8. Good for Diabetic Patients

Strawberries help in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. They help in maintaining the level of sugar in the blood. Which is really important for the patients of diabetes. They should consume it at least once in a day.

9. Reduce Blood Levels

Strawberries help reduce blood levels of c-reactive protein. CRP is inflammation in the body based on the study who ate about more than 15 strawberries a week helps 14% reduce spikes of levels of CRP.

10. Reduce Risk of Cancer

Cancer Vitamin C fellate and the CNN’s Boris Aten and keen for all few of flavonoids and best antioxidant. Anti-carcinogenic agent by daily consumes to fight against cancer. Tumor growth reduction risk of metastasis hazardous cancer cells.

11. Anti-Aging

Agent strawberries contain high and biotin known essential to help you increase the strength of hair and nails. Its antioxidant ellagic acid to prevent sagging by protecting elastic fibers inside our skin.

12. Boost Metabolism

The compound nitrate oxide found to promote blood flow. Boost oxygen in our body and both helpful for weight loss with metabolism boosts.

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