How To Increase Stamina Fast In Few Weeks The Best 5 Tips

If you are worried about low stamina and trying how to increase the stamina of your body. Then you can easily increase your stamina. You can increase stamina by following simple and easy tips to get the answer of How to increase stamina:

Be Honest

This is the first tip of How to increase stamina. You come to the field and you hit dead balls and you have a nice relaxing time. Then you show up on the game day and wonder why you get tired. So easily it’s because you don’t make yourself tired and okay. Get yourself to this point this is a first step of getting into great shape. You want to increase your stamina. But you want to increase your stamina specifically for soccer that’s why going for jogs isn’t a good idea. How to increase stamina?

Realistic Training

how to increase stamina

You want to do realistic training that resembles the work you actually put in during matches during the game. You’ll be doing lots of sprinting changes of direction and recovery jogging here are a few drills. You can use to get started you don’t have to sprint at a hundred percent you could go about 80 or 90 percent. Unless you need to go out a hundred to get yourself out of your comfort zone remember. The realistic tip is the 2nd tip of How to increase stamina.

 If it’s easy it doesn’t make you better if you’re not breathing hard getting to that point where you feel like you need to give up it’s not going to make you fit the most important thing is that you keep pushing yourself. When you start to get tired it’s much better to go slow than to stop and give up you next. Let’s talk about breathing see I’m out of breath let me get some sunlight here so when you’re out of breath.

Good Technique

It’s so important to get good oxygen good air in through your nose big deep breath and bad carbon dioxide out of your mouth. When you’re really tired you want to breathe like that and you’ll be able to recover much quicker so have those deep breaths. Let’s say you went for a sprint now it’s time to recover you have a little second the ball is out of play or you’re just walking or jogging slowly.

Focus on that breathing in the better shape you get into the less time it will take for you to recover do you get back to normal. So you can sprint again so some things do not hold your breath a lot of players are holding their breath they’re like that is going to make you pass out. It’s going to make your legs super heavy your body super heavy because you’re not getting enough oxygen into your lungs not enough oxygen to your muscles so you have to breathe. I know you might seem like you’ve sound ridiculous you might feel like you sound ridiculous but you have to do it and it’s so good it feels good. So if you want to have better stamina you want to recover quicker focus on your breathing it’s so important without even knowing you.

Think and Plan

I already know you are in better shape than you actually think. The problem is your mind gives up before your body does it’s so important. When you get tired you talk to yourself positively and tell yourself to keep going say things like I can do this I’m a beast this is too easy and keep pushing forward through the pain and fatigue. You’ll be amazed at how much further you can go just by changing. How to increase stamina. The way you think your body listens to your mind thinking fit is just as important as Dean fit the things.

Direct Impact On Your Stamina

You put into your body have a direct impact on your stamina and the most important is water. Make sure you’re drinking tons of water you always want to be hydrated how do you know. If you’re hydrated your pee is clear if it’s yellow you’re dehydrated. If you’re dehydrated you’re going to get tired much quicker than you probably should. So make sure you’re drinking tons of fresh clean water now here are just a few things. I just want you guys to get in the habit of eating real food drinking real juice. If you’re drinking the juice you don’t want to drink juice from concentrate that’s just pure sugar drink real juice eat real food. So get away from eating things from boxes and cans you want fresh fruit.

You want nuts and seeds dried fruits lots of vegetables. Some healthy oils lots of green leafy vegetables so important tons and tons of those in your diet is a very good idea. Just to be healthy as well as fit all different types of vegetable pickles. I’m eating some nori some seaweed and here are some beans. I just want you guys to think about eating real food because it’s gonna make you healthier. But it’s also going to make you fitter you’re going to have more energy you’re going to feel better you’re not going to feel so sluggish and lazy now if you really want to get into better shape.

Mental Self-Talk

If you’re serious about increasing your stamina here’s what I want you to do number one never stop when you’re tired stop when you are done so whether you’re practicing by yourself you’re with your team or you’re in a game don’t stop when you get tired don’t start walking when you get tired stop when you’re done so whether that means stopping when the game is over or stopping when the drill is finished or stopping when you made that recovery run and got back into position don’t stop. How to increase stamina.

When you get tired you need to learn to push through that fatigue. Keep playing when you’re tired remember to focus on that proper running technique anytime. You are running just be aware of yourself be aware of your body. What you’re doing with your arms and legs and try to focus on that proper running technique at all times. When you have a chance I want you to watch Paul Pogba he has a very weird style of running. You might say I always say he runs like a horse but it’s like a very.

Efficient  Running

how to increase stamina

I think it’s a very elegant and very efficient style of running that I think you can learn a lot from the covers. So much ground and he gets there quickly and it looks like he’s not even trying hard and that’s. Because he has a very efficient running style so check that out. When you have a chance next I actually need you to push yourself to the point of fatigue till you actually out of breath. How to increase stamina?

You want to give up so you need to go to the field three times a week. It’s not going to take you very long but does those half-filled sprints you’re going to sprint half the field. You’re gonna jog back half the field. You’re gonna do that five times in a row without stopping it won’t take you very long. But it will push you out of your comfort zone. It will increase your stamina number four live your life like you actually want to be fit.

Diet And Life

They’ll be drinking Pepsi eating cheeseburgers and chips all day smoking cigarettes drinking alcohol. All this stuff has a direct impact on your stamina and finally play football. As much as possible the more you play especially. If you’re following these principles don’t stop when you’re tired. Focus on that proper running form and pushing yourself through that fatigue barrier you’re going to get fit as long as you keep playing the game that you love. So I hope you like this article if you did please give me a thumbs up. It really helps me grow my blog please comment below if you have any questions share this article with friends.