Top 10 Tips to Look Beautiful Without Makeup, Try It

We are really excited to Top 10 Tips to Look Beautiful Without Makeup. Try It and to make this article. Because it’s really different from what we usually do. We share a lot of beauty hacks posts. But today we really want to focus on how to feel and look beautiful without any makeup on yeah there’s such a thing.

We promise it’s possible. We are going to share ten tips with you that works for us and. We really do try to let my skin breathe and feel comfortable in my own skin without any makeup. You know embracing of my imperfections. Just loving myself and showing the world that we love me ۔

We think that these tips are a great way to start for you to embrace your own beauty. Let your skin breathe and now for this makeup-less aggressive olive oil. We want to take care of our skin. It is the biggest organ in our body. So really trying to take all the measures. That you can to make sure that you are hydrating it and give it moisture especially. When it’s cold outside so this diffuser was such a good fine for me. We bought a bunch of different ones throughout the years this one. We just got on Amazon and we absolutely love it. We put it at night for like six hours.

1. Essential oil and some tea tree oil

tea tree oil by

We just used some lavender essential oil and some tea tree oil. We do find that we wake up. My skin feels so hydrated. So moist it has this like glow to it. So it’s definitely something. That we recommend for everybody and it’s not only for the skin. We feel like it also really does something from my mood it helps with anxiety. If you feel low in the morning just having that you know essential oil smell in the air is really powerful essential oils is a whole other subject. That has so many benefits to it. Top 10 Tips to Look Beautiful Without Makeup.

We highly recommend you guys to check it out. If you are looking to nurse your skin. Also, you know creating a cool nice calming atmosphere in your home. So then the next thing is once you get out of bed first thing first is drinking water. We talk about it all the time in my nutrition articles. We usually always recommend lemon water.

Every Morning

But if you are too lazy you can just have a glass of water every single morning. There are days where. We don’t feel exquisite half a lemon it’s like too much exercise for us. That early in the morning. SoWe will just go downstairs. We will grab look something broke yeah. We will just grab a glass of water. We will just drink it and let the water wake up my body to start my digestive system hydrates. My insides hydrate my skin and my body and start with my day. We love water please remember to stay hydrated throughout the day a lot of us forget to do that. This definitely is a resolution for us This year to really make sure that. We drink water so important and then the next step.

We have is really taking care of your skin care is a very confusing area. There are so many brands so many companies so many steps. There’s always like new research on why essence is good for you and why this is good for you. It’s really confusing.

2. Establish a good skin care routine

But honestly, if you just want to establish a good skin care regime that you can just you know make a habit it’s really important so my ground rules are cleansing. We personally love to use more gentle cleansers and one of them is this cleansing oil by Burt’s Bees would have coconut and oil and this is great for normal and dry skin. We make sure to really rub it. In the circular motion and making sure that. We cover everything and my skin is getting all cleaned up from the night or from the day.

If We are not into oils. We also love this gel cleanser by juice beauty this is a brightening one it’s also very gentle for exfoliation. We exfoliate about once-twice a  Week it depends on how much skin feels at the moment. We use this pharmacy gentle exfoliating grains then very important eye cream some of you don’t really need it if you are in your teens you don’t need. We cream your moisturizer is good enough. But We are getting into the late 20s. We mean We are not getting.

We are there you’re 27 honey so eye cream is it’s time for us and. We just started using the Tata Harper and this is a restorative eye cream. But it doesn’t matter which company you use to try to find obviously the cleanest version of eye cream that you can even use oils are very good almond oil is good for the eye area it’s very important to keep it hydrated and to make sure that you protect it for someone like us it was in her late 20s let it sink for a second okay. We want to make sure that.

We are Exited

We protect this and try to be as preventative as we can We are excited about aging and excited about all the experiences you will see on my face throughout the years. But let’s slow it down okay baby steps and with eye cream, it’s very important to really make sure that you apply it gently so. We like to you put it right here on. We don’t know how this finger is the ring finger. We guess. We will just tap it right here and make sure that. We cover the whole eye area and we’re done and then the last one with skincare is moisturizer very important to find a good moisturizer that will make sure that your skin is hydrated.

We are also using the data Harbor this is for dry skin. We want to make sure that the creams that. We use in the winter are heavier than in the summer you just want to make sure that when you apply it. We like to warm it up a little bit in my hands and. We like to really focus more on the outer areas of my skin. We still apply the product here. But these usually are the driest areas so you want to make sure that most of your product kind of goes right here and don’t forget your neck start making it a habit to do this to make sure that your neck is hydrated and that you put the cream going up instead of pulling the skin down and that’s it such a good cream.

3. Lips: Scrub, Moisture and protect

The next thing is lips so in the winter or even in the summer, to be honest with you a lot of people forget to take care of their lips did you know that you need to use sunscreen on your lips as  Well yeah fun fact. We like to use a homemade scrub on my lips like a few times a  Week this is super easy to make. We just take coconut oil you’re going to see a whole lot of this here and. We will just mix. We literally like to stick my finger in there that’s how sophisticated this article is.

We will use any type of sugar really so. We have coconut sugar and we are just going to put it right there and exfoliate you’re going to get the blood flow on it it’s going to give it some color it’s going to make it soft and really taking care of one of the most like beautiful areas on our face is their lips that’s it you get the blood flow going and. Top 10 Tips to Look Beautiful Without Makeup, Try It. We know that people use their toothbrush so even when you brush your teeth you can just kind of go over your lips to exfoliate it that works as well. But even sticking your finger in coconut oil and in sugar and just rub it in you got to go and then the next step.

4. DIY eye patches

We have is this DIY eye patches. We wake up very often we don’t get enough sleep. We have dark circles or puffiness. We found this little DIY eye patches there are a lot of products on the market. But if you want to save money and these are all ingredients. We all have at our house let us show you my secret DIY green tea eye patches so these little DIY eye patches are one of my favorite recipes here.

We are having cucumber lemon and green tea cucumber has an amazing brightening effect and it brings down water retention and the eyes which help reduces Welling and puffiness with lemon it’s a great source of vitamin C and citric acid and that helps with lightning and tightening under-eye skin and green tea is a source of caffeine so that will reduce puffiness. We like to take just cotton pads and soak them in a squeeze all the liquid out and. We will just put them in the fridge and you can create so many of them there’s going to be like enough supply for the next year okay so these are our eye patches and you can just put it under your eyes while you drink your coffee or go through your phone or do whatever.

Some Glow

We would recommend probably like 10 to 15 minutes of this and this would really help which is reducing puffiness bringing some glow from the vitamin C brightening and just making sure. We look beautiful naturally how cute and they stick so like you don’t have to be like this the whole day so yeah just keep it in the fridge and just use it whenever you need to okay so once. We’re done with these we are moving on to my old time darling and this is kind of a hack for not using any makeup.

5. Coconut oil

But you still want to look it will be much easier there will be a little container with coconut oil at your sink or just in your room and ever you need to. But. We couldn’t find a container. We will just use the whole tub. We buy these at Costco and each table lasts us for literally like eight months so the first thing is  We still want to look put together even if  We’re not  Wearing makeup so just putting a little bit of coconut oil on all areas.

We can kind of improve so eyebrows to just brush them out with a little bit of coconut oil and what’s great about coconut oil that it actually promotes hair growth so you’re nourishing and beautifying yourself at the same time so just brushing out your eyebrows and making sure they’re all in sync works wonders and then once that’s done doing the same thing for your lashes so just using an eyelash curler to give your lashes a little bit of drama is such a great way to open your eyes and look a little more awake and it’s like you tried without trying you know so this is something that’s really easy to do and the same thing that.


We did for our eyebrows. We will literally take this brush put some coconut oil on it and just apply it on my lashes it will give the illusion that. We use mascara. But. We didn’t because they look  Wet and makes them a little darker and then the last thing that you can do is giving you a little bit of shine using coconut oil as a highlighter just a little bit to bring a little light on all the areas that you like.

6. Tinted lips Balm

We like to put it a little bit here and then on my cheekbones and that’s it the next thing to bring a little bit of put together look without using any makeup is using fondant tinted lip balm so you do want to nourish your lips and make sure that they look hydrated and healthy so. We really like using tinted lip balms this is from Burt B’s and it has a correct into it and. We will just put that on my lips so it brings a little bit of color.

We will do the same thing and. Top 10 Tips to Look Beautiful Without Makeup, Try It. We will just put it on my cheeks that way it looks that. We use blush and you have a one product type of solution another type that. We absolutely love and this is something to really take the consideration every time you want to you know to take care of your skin everything comes from the inside it is important to use good creams and sunscreen and protect your skin from the exterior.

Right Nutrition

But you really want to make sure that you have the right nutrition and the right foods that are really making sure to nourish you from the inside so. We are so big on smoothies. We love putting foods that are healthy for us. We know will to a healthy glow to healthy skin to healthy and let us show you one of my favorite green smoothies that is a little magic bullet for the skin. Top 10 Tips to Look Beautiful Without Makeup.

7۔ Fuel your body

We are really focusing on vitamin C when it comes to skin because you need vitamin C to create collagen and  We need collagen to make sure that our skin is nice and plump so adding avocado that is an amazing source of healthy fatty acids and has vitamins and antioxidants that protect and repair and improves your skin and then. We will add we that is known to be very skin friendly fruit it also has a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants and of course coconut water that is super hydrating and spinach that is also a superfood and has vitamin C in it you guys can add anything else to it.

We would recommend maybe some pineapple or mango or even orange just to really amp up the whole vitamin C show here and trust us your skin will thank you later the next step that. We highly recommend and it’s something that We have been doing forever.

8۔ Rosewater

We have been advising everybody that cares about skin to use and this is such a simple trick and this is rose water so it doesn’t have to be brand you can find rose water everywhere it’s not really expensive you can even make it yourself with your that type of person which is good for you if you just put it and like spray containers and you use it.

Whenever you need a little pick-me-up not only it hydrates it also makes the skin feel refreshed throughout the day especially in bad weather or good  Weather and just kind of revives the whole aura so. We have this kind of in most of my bags that. We use every day we use it all the time. So we use it as my toner. We use it as my kind of pick-me-up mist spray for the face wherever.

9۔ Clean hair

We go it’s there with us if you decide to go bare face having clean hair really makes it all work. But there really needs to be a balance. We feel like it’s a very thin line between looking you know very effortless and natural to looking like a hot mess having clean hair really makes it look more like.

We woke up like this looking beautiful didn’t do much except set for two hours the hair salon. But who cares we are not  Wearing any makeup look at us yay and then the last tip is honestly probably should be number one it really is about attitude it’s about the way you carry yourself if you  Wearing makeup or not Wearing makeup.

10۔ Be confident and kind

We think that when you’re a kind confident girl every room you walk into people will remember you so. We truly believe that working on that calmness inside of you of being positive spreading. The energy that will really attract people to you and make you look like the most beautiful human ever so you know.

So we think that meditation helps. We think that you’re spending time with yourself. Helps to figure it out you don’t want to be remembered as the girl that’s like always complaining. You know. We don’t know what that means. Top 10 Tips to Look Beautiful Without Makeup, Try It. But We are sure you met those people. We think that there’s some kind of aura that shines through your body and through your eyes. When you have that confidence and self-love and just like that kindness and good heart. So definitely work on that widow without makeup.

We’re all so beautiful in our own way and it’s such a key thing to say. But it’s true when you put your personality out there and you give that positive vibes. We can assure you that you will attract a lot of good things in your life. So that’s it you guys this is my guide to Top 10 Tips to Look Beautiful Without Makeup. We hope you enjoyed it and love you guys see you next time you.