Top 8 Beautiful Models Hacks and Tips You Need To Know

Today we are going to do a fun article where I’m sharing with you all the model beauty hacks. That has learned throughout the 11 12 years of modeling. So long there are so many little tricks. We ‘ve picked up from being around you. The top 8 beautiful models of the hack – beauty tips.

The expert’s makeup artist hair stylist other model girls. That really taught me how to make all of this work even on a bad day with very little. Let’s get into it really simple quick and easy model hacks everyone should adopt. Following are Top 8 Beautiful Models Hacks and Tips You Need To Know:

Tip NO 1

Nutrition is an inseparable part of beauty. Whether you like it or not what you eat will really show up on your skin on the level of your glow and your hair. I am a huge advocate of fats I think that is a very important part of our diet. So I’m talking about healthy fats like avocados like nuts. That contain vitamin E which stimulates the skins collagen production. Without having these fats inside of us nothing can come out also a lot of time for beautiful models. There’s not a lot of time to have a lot of food breaks if it’s during a job.

If it’s when you’re running around the whole day in castings. I like to do was incorporate a bigger amount of healthy fats. My diet in the morning or at lunch like avocados or adding avocados or nuts or Chia or ham into my smoothies. Because that also makes me feel fuller for longer and gives me the energy to keep going fat is processed slower in the body so it keeps stable blood sugar. Make sure that we have enough energy to do everything and shine while we do it.

Tip No 2

The second hack is multi-purpose products this is something. You think a lot of us can benefit from. If you have been watching any of my beauty articles you see. I love having one product. I can for multiple purposes so for me because as a model. And I was running well with my portfolios running along with my heels it was such a mess. The Model beauty hacks – beauty tips.

I really wanted to make sure. We have as little as possible in my bag to carry so having things like a lip stain that you can use on your lips and on your cheeks is a major thing for me also making sure. I always have a lip balm and my pocket is crucial not only to moisturize my lips but also add a little more shine into my cheekbones to make it them look higher. If I’m not wearing mascara and. Models beautiful hacks – beauty tips. I want to bring my lashes up a little bit I’ll put them on my lashes if it’s too organized this crazy eyebrow usually.

I would always have a wand in my purse. So I can just dip dab it and the balm and apply it on my lashes and on my eyebrows and if there were any castings for lingerie or something where my body is a little more exposed. I would use the lip balm to put it on my knees whatever these called what are these called collarbone so out of this little thing. Got a lot of different purposes so lip balm can do a lot for you have these two was enough to make sure. I refresh myself and look a little more alive and shiny and glowy throughout the day.

Tip No 3

The next trick is to face icing and face icing is something. I would always do in the morning. And I didn’t have the funds to go for facials. I didn’t have the funds to do any like fancy masks. So what I would do is take a cloth and put some ice in it you definitely want to make sure. That you don’t apply eyes directly on your skin it’s way too harsh for your skin what. I would do is wrap it in a face cloth and just kind of apply it on areas where. Model beauty hacks – beauty tips.

I need to make my pores smaller. If I need to add a little bit of glow. Because it really wakens the skin up and also it’s a great way to help.  Beautiful models – beauty tips. If you have a stubborn pimple or acne that you just want to calm down. So the pressure and just add. That cold temperature to it will help to not make it as visible and flared up as it is.

Tip No 4

The next hack something that I’ve learned because when you’re young. You’re traveling the world you go out a lot and enjoy being an important place in meeting people which was my favorite part about modeling around the world. This is a hack that I’ve learned from a makeup artist. That it also depends on your skin tone so what. I like to do if you have dark circles under your eyes and you want to make sure. You look fresh and bright in the morning to go to see a client’s for a casting. I would take something that has a pinkish pigment to it. If you’re darker and orange pigment will work for you.

I would apply it under my eye and just kind of spread it out where those dark circles are and then top it off with my concealer. What it does is basically neutralizes the color because what happens is when you put a light concealer on a dark spot it doesn’t really cover well. Beautiful Models hacks – beauty tips.  It just kind of looks like you try to cover and you might have to use way more product than you want to add that pigment to cancel.

The darkness and then put your concealer on will really help to make this whole area look bright and fresh and ready to take over the world what dark circles. I don’t have them I went to sleep. And I slept like eight hours last night this also helps when you are a mom a new mom or any mom of any kind because sleep is no longer part of your routine you’re welcome.

Tip No 5

The next hack is one of my absolute favorites and it’s something. I still use so I’m sure you’ve seen around there was this fad of the fiber mascara where you put those fibers on and then you put the mascara and then it makes it like the lashes look puffier and longer. Beautiful models hack – beauty tips. So I actually stumbled upon this little that way before they came out with this fiber crap so all you need to do is you apply one layer of your favorite mascara that you want to use and then you take any powder that you have.

It can be your finishing powder foundation powder or whatever it is and you apply it on your lashes basically what it does is that it does the same thing as the fiber where it sticks through your lashes and make them thicker and then you apply your second coat of mascara and it just looks like you put some full lashes in without even using anything this is a trick. I still do to this day and one of my favorites and. I love it and it’s so simple to do.

Tip No 6

The next hack I want to share with you is dry brushing if you guys haven’t seen my article about dry brushing you can check it right here but dry brushing is an amazing way to really wake in your body to help with cellulite to get that blood flow going on the face and on your body so these are my dry brushes. I use this is for very sensitive skin there are a few different versions for this and this is for the body this is a great way to get the blood circulation.

Going to exfoliate gently the skin and the body and it does help with removing dry skin dead skin Beautiful Models and if you are consistent with the body brushing you will see that it improves any signs of cellulite which is something that I’m sure a lot of us are battling with.

Tip No 7

The next beauty hack is a facial massage this is something very simple that all of us can do it doesn’t require any tools or anything like it. I like to use a face oil or any cream. I apply on my skin to do the massage with that what it does is really helps with taking out toxins awaking in your muscles bringing a little more blood circulation in and getting that oxygen going and your skin you want to start by tapping on your skin to awaken your muscles there are so many different ways and different techniques to do this.

Things really help with brightening and giving a more youthful look to your face helping your body maintain its elasticity and obviously consistency is key so if you start practicing this every single day you will notice a difference. You’ll be surprised how this little ritual will help with maintaining a fresh beautiful and tight face.

Model beauty hacks - beauty tips

Tip No 8

The next hack is something. I don’t think people talk enough about in the modeling industry and that’s personality. So I cannot tell you how many jobs I booked because I was funny. I mean at least try to or because. I was asking them about their day. And I think that today it’s so important when you come to a casting and to anything you don’t even have to be a model if you go to a job interview. If you go to school. Beautiful Models hacks – beauty tips.

If you just go out there and interact with society personality is everything so even you know making that effort to make someone smile to compliment somebody this will really make such a huge difference about how people perceive you. I truly think that you know sometimes your beauty opens the door and then your personality gets you in but a lot of the times my personality opened the door and then this and all these hacks helped to seal the deal.


The best features so adding highlights to the cheekbone to the inner corner of the eye. The cupid bow is something that is so simple to do yeah it makes a huge difference on our face. We can’t come to castings wearing lots of makeup so tricks. I found that can manipulate my face and really bring out the features. And I like is using very subtle colors so a brown mascara and even a brown eyeliner this is actually a brow cream gel from benefit. Beautiful Models.

We use it as my eyeliner. So it just pulls the eye a little bit more up and Beautiful Models. It can give myself a little cat eye without it being so defined. Then just apply a little bit of brown mascara at the outer corner of my eye. It just really opens the eye and makes it look a little more pulled. Gives a little kind of facelift and a way to the face Beautiful Models. So that’s a trick that We’ve learned to really bring that natural beauty naturally. But like with a little trick here and there this is it, you guys. We hope you enjoy this article let me know if you learn any new tricks. If We rocked your world with new information or just reminding you about some good old habits. That we all probably heard before but always.