Can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis:

My doctor misdiagnosed my medical condition. Can I sue my doctor for the misdiagnosis? Hello, I am Marcus Boston. I am a medical Malpractice attorney practicing law in the state of Maryland. I would like to Talk to you about a question that comes up From time to time we have individuals. Who Will call us and they will ask well you know. What I think my doctor misdiagnosed. My Condition Can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis.

Now before I get into the Answer of that question. I want to give you a little bit of background. About how Doctors go about getting to the right Diagnosis or what is the process or procedure. Doctors take to help them get to the right Diagnosis now to be able to go. Further, you have got to understand what is a Differential diagnosis. Now what a differential Diagnosis is where your doctor will talk to you take a history from you talk to you about your complaints where are you feeling pain. The reason why the doctor is doing. This is that the doctor is taking that information.

Making a List

And is making a list either in their mind or on paper about what are some possible Diagnosis that could match up with the Particular complaints of the patient. The doctor will then order tests to either confirm or rule out a particular diagnosis. And that is how doctors essentially go about trying to get to the right diagnosis for a Patient. Now with all of that said. You also have to realize that the patient pays a very important role in this process too the patient. Must take the time to be truthful with his or Her doctor the patient. So are you learned Can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis.

Told your doctor

Must take the time to Tell the doctor hey doc you know what. I have Pain here or doc. I have pain here on this side Of my head or doc my stomach hurts. When you Are talking to your doctor in this type of Situation. It is not the time to play hero now If you are a doctor has done this you have Told your doctor all of your complaints. Your doctor does not listen to your complaints Or your doctor does not perform a Differential Diagnosis. Just pretty much guesses as to What is your medical diagnosis. Then a strong Argument can be made that your doctor Needlessly endangered you now look at it like this. Can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis ?

I realize that you probably have more Questions about this process. You probably Have more concerns you are probably trying to Figure out. If your doctor misdiagnosed your Medical condition is this medical malpractice. Well if you have these questions and concerns And your matter happened here in Maryland. This Is what I invite you to do go ahead And pick up the phone and give me a call.

The time and we would be glad to listen to your Story well guys that’s it for today’s quick Educational post again. I am Marcus Boston I Am one of the medical malpractice attorneys here At Boston law group and we will see you next Time guys take care and enjoy the rest of your Day.Are you worried about Can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis

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