How to Stop Oily Skin In Summer – The Best Trick to Get Rid of Oily Skin

If you are thinking about how to get rid of oily skin then you have to read this article. In this article, I will teach you How to get rid of Oily Skin In Summer. I hope you’re all having an amazing day. I’m going to be sharing with you my number one life-changing skin changing the tip for oily skin type to get rid of Oily Skin In Summer.

How to get rid of Oily Skin In Summer. I just changing is one thing in your routine you’re going to find that your skin is. So much less oily it’s going to look so much less greasy your makeup is going to last. So much longer during the day without separating and getting cakey and just melting off your face. If you want to learn about it then please keep on watching now this is something.

I feel like it is made that much of a difference to my skin that it needs its very own self dedicated blog. It is honestly crazy now you’re probably thinking it’s like a stupidly expensive product or like a crazy hack and then and then. It’s not it is adding an oil into your skincare routine now. I know for those of you with oily skin you’re automatically going say yeah. I’m like don’t put oil anywhere near my face. Because I used to have that opinion too. Before I learned more about it and before I started testing different products.

I was like anything with oil in it any oil anything oily at all don’t put it me in my face because that is going to make me more oily. But I promise you it is the complete opposite you’ve just got to stop thinking of it. Like that you have to change the way that you think and view oil so what happens with the skin. Especially with products that suck oil out of the skin, you know a lot of moisturizers. These days are advertised as oil-free a lot of toners. Our advertiser’s oil reducing oil free and you know they’re packed full of alcohol and things. Like that actually, dehydrate the skin.

Oily skin produces oil primarily because is dehydrated shake. How to get rid of Oily Skin In Summer. I know right it’s basically your body’s way of correcting something that’s wrong in the skin. So think so itself oh I’m a bit thirsty. I’m not hydrated so it produces oil in an attempt to actually hydrate the surface. You know the deep layers of the skin obviously that is a huge problem for those of us who wear foundation and makeup and things like.

Because if we are you know producing stacks and stacks of oil makeup. Doesn’t like to stay in place does it likes to go for a little wonder. It creases it cakes it just it melts off you next minute your full face of makeup it’s down here. But if you actually hydrate the skin Parappa with products at the skin is physically designed to accept. So rather than expensive lotions and potions and things are you know this $400 moisturizer is going to completely change your life yeah. I get that but that’s not necessarily what your body is naturally you know prone to accept it and that is oil the skin absolutely loves oil obviously it has to be the right kind of oil but if you add oil into your skincare routine.

I guarantee you within three to four weeks and it does take time to adjust you know you do need to give it a little bit of time before your skin will flip over. But I promise you your skin like the oil production during the day honestly 60 70 percent less than it was before you were adding an oil into your skincare routine it is honestly life-changing and. I know it’s the littlest thing.


I have talked about it before. But I don’t really think. I have honestly put enough emphasis on how important this is and how much of a change this is going to make for you. How to get rid of Oily Skin In Summer. And I know there are so many of you who are still struggling with foundation adherence issues with oil production issues.

I understand that it affects your self-confidence. You don’t want to wear makeup you don’t want to go out I’ve been there. I have experienced all of that I need you to trust me I need you to just try this. How to get rid of oily skin In Summer. Now there are a lot of oils out there on the market most brands do produce them you don’t have to spend stacks of money.

I’ve got a couple of favorites here I want to show you these are products. I have tried and tested I swear by and have just worked absolute wonders first up really really affordable this one. Think about ten dollars this is by the brand called the ordinary this is their 100% organic cold-pressed rosehip seed oil. It’s essentially rosehip seed oil that doesn’t have any crap added into it this stuff is incredible. It absorbs straight into the skin it’s absolutely delicious it doesn’t stink. It’s not sticky it doesn’t get you to know kind of bully when you rub it in. Your skin will just soak this up like you wouldn’t believe and another one.

I absolutely have loved for ages now is the drunk elephant virgin marula facial oil. Marula oil is another really good you know basic oil that your skin will just absorb. So quickly it doesn’t leave a greasy residue it just disappears especially. If you’ve got a particularly oily skin type you’ll notice when you put this on your skin they’ll disappear so quickly even though you would expect the kind of like opposite oils is. So fantastic because they’re packed with antioxidants they’re packed with omega-6 they are packed with things that are so good for not only your skin but your body like they’re healthy but they’re actually good for you for oily skin types like mine. Only apply it at night.

I will never apply it in the morning you know. Before I apply makeup because for me it’s just a little bit. Too much but if you do have dry dehydrated skin. You can absolutely apply it in the morning before your makeup you can even mix it into yours. You know moisturizer primer foundation you can mix it into pretty well everything in terms of the order to apply it.

I like to do serums first I’ll do an eye cream I’ll do you know a serum may be retinol or something. Then I will apply oil as my last step if you ask someone who likes to wear a really heavy night cream that kind of. You know absorbs overnight use the oil how to get rid of oily skin. First and then use the heavy night cream afterward. It’s fine to how to get rid of oily skin do it in that order but for me personally, the oil is the last step I’ll get all oiled up.

I would jump into bed now you do not need to use it. Much of this at all a few drops is more than enough the way. And I like to do it is I’ll pop a couple of drops on the back of my hand. It kind of like Heat’s off and gets oily as you go and then. I sort of just gently press it into the skin. Now I’m not talking about applying enough. Where it’s going to stand your pillowcase. It’s going to get all through your hair or anything it’s not like that at all. It’s just enough for your skin to absorb and you know really hydrate it. Really balance it back out. So that it doesn’t get oily during the day alright.

So that’s all applied now and you can see the surface of my skin doesn’t look shiny or oily at all that’s because my skin has absorbed all of that product you know it’s sinking into the deeper layers or subcutaneous layers of the skin and it is just oh. I just can feel so soft and amazing. But that is honestly that’s how simple it is and that is all. You need to do how to get rid of oily skin to make the biggest difference to your skin your foundation is going to look so much better your skin is going to be so much more balanced. How to get rid of Oily Skin In Summer.

I promise you just trust me I challenge you to try this now please try not to be impatient. It does take a little while for your skin to readjust normally about 3 to 4 weeks. But after that time you’re going to be like world direct today’s blog was helpful guys.

I hope that you learned something and this is something that I’ve wanted to really talk about properly for quite. A while now if you do have any more questions for me about your skin.

I cannot wait please let me know how to get rid of oily skin with it let me know in a few weeks time. When you’ve tried it I want to hear about your results because. I promise it’s going to be life-changing and I hope you enjoyed today’s articles.