Muscle Building Foods: The Best 9 foods to build Muscles

You are trying to build muscles with muscle building foods and workout to break down. Those muscle fibers see the rest to make sure those muscle fibers have time to rebuild. Est foods to add muscles fast. You need to eat and eat but all calories were not created equal in the eyes of muscle mass.

So in an attempt to help you realize your full bluffness potential. Today, We are going to show you the 10 best muscle building foods in our opinion. whose opinion our opinion.

1. Egg

Eggs are the number one best bang as muscle building foods. Because not only are they affordable. They’re super cheap. They’re a great snack and they also provide all not all but nine essential amino acids. Before we go any further let’s just talk about why amino acids are so important really.

When you workout. You’re tearing breaking damaging those muscle fibers eat protein which is made up of amino acids and then your body digests them. Shoots them shuttles them. Sends them right to your muscle to rebuild and help heal those damaged muscle resulting in bigger stronger muscles.

2. Lean Beef

This would probably be the appropriate time to mention that this diet. These foods aren’t necessarily vegetarian or vegan-friendly. But these are in our opinion and what We have experienced our experience these are the best and beef is hands-down one of the best foods. That you can eat if you’re looking to put on serious quality size up until about a year and a half ago. So there are muscle building foods. We were eating on average a pound and sometimes a little bit more of lean beef a day.

We found though is because even if it is lean it is higher in calories. As opposed to some of these other protein options we’ll talk about and as We have gotten older it became a little bit harder to stay lean. So We reduced our red meat consumption and increase some of these other options we’re going to talk about but red meat awesome.

3. Chicken Breast

Chicken everybody knows the chicken is a protein-packed option the things. We love about chicken to muscle building foods is that a medium chicken breast is really the right size for a portion. So we don’t really have to think or weigh our food it’s incredibly lean in terms of chicken breast. We also will eat some size sometimes or a little bit higher in fat but they’re also more delicious. When you eat a lot of chicken you need some help making it delicious.

4. Cottage Cheese

We are telling you cottage cheese is delicious. It would get the low-fat or no fat cottage cheese and for years it was a staple it’s also super easy to grab if you’re out and you’re like you. We don’t have anything to eat. Need high-quality protein you can always go into a grocery store and find it the other thing about cottage cheese is that it’s made from or what it is casein protein which is incredibly slow digesting protein.

So it’s great if you’re going to be out and about and you’re not going to have access to food it’s awesome the downside to cottage cheese is its dairy. We have had to actually kind of back off because. We were noticing. So we have just had so much congestion and when.

We stopped eating as much cottage cheese and Greek yogurt the muscle building foods that all sort of went away but. We miss it, we miss it every day. So we love it so much the other downside to cottage cheese is it’s very high in sodium.

5. Fish

Three of our favorite are Cod salmon or tilapia fish is incredible now personally. We think tuna fish the smell of it is probably the most repulsive disgusting things out there. So we won’t eat tuna but breast fish salmon Cod tilapia. We get down on muscle building foods.

6. Protein Powder

High-Quality protein powder provides an incredible blast of easily digestible. As a muscle building foods protein one of the downsides of protein powder. Though is that it doesn’t like to fill you up all that much but it is incredible for a post-workout drink or for me. We also combine it.

7. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is an amazing carbohydrate that we absolutely love. We love oatmeal so much all right they are low on the glycemic index scale they keep you full great source of fiber. It’s incredible to eat oatmeal pretty much every morning. We will do a scoop of protein as muscle building foods. It will add some seeds. We shall add some flax seeds all some sweetener cocoa. So we do this whole like a chocolate oatmeal thing that we have actually done a video on but lately.

We actually have been cheating on our chocolate oatmeal kind of cheating. So we have been using oats overnight um our buddy Brian who is actually our partner with the fashion anchor. He started a business about a year ago called oats overnight this is in no way shape or form sponsored. We even had to pay for the damn protein.

We get from him but the deal is we just wanted to tell you if you’re looking for an amazing option in terms of breakfast or really anytime oats overnight. It’s so simple it’s so easy here’s the whole premise in each pack you get everything you need all the stuff that. We make our chocolate oatmeal out of it’s pretty much in here you get like 34 grams or 32 grams of protein you get carbohydrate.

Flax Chia

So you get all sorts of mace flax Chia like it’s power-packed what you do at night you throw it in a shaker bottle. This is actually the oats overnight shaker bottle you add milk to give it a little shake stick it in your fridge in the morning. You get up you’re running later like oh our god. We going to have for breakfast bang you go to the fridge you grab your overnight oats pop the top and bang those bad boys down these things are incredibly delicious.

8. Sweet potato

This sweet potato one of our all-time most delicious and favorite foods thing that. We love about three potatoes and gets me so many crazy looks because that what we shall do is. So we shall get a medium sweet potato. And we shall put a paper towel around and pop it in the microwave five minutes go grab it. Take it with my hold on then we grab it and bring it with me and then later in the day. So we will just peel the skin back and eat it almost like um it’s just delicious um the skin is also delicious. They eat that too but just make sure you wash it because it gets dirty um sweet potatoes.

Another insanely amazing carbohydrate low glycemic index actually interesting sweet potato. Fact is that the sweet potato Muscle Building Foods has a lower glycemic index than the white potato. Which you would think is counter-intuitive because this is sweet that is not but this is better and last but certainly not least.

9. Whole Grains

Whole grain is Muscle Building Foods for best bodybuilding food in our opinion for building solid quality muscle is whole grains. We’re talking about brown rice we’re talking about quinoa and wheat berries there are all sorts of incredible. Whole grains out there that are slow digesting low glycemic index. Share your thoughts in the comments section.